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Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. 11-4pm


Thursday. Friday. Saturday. 11-7

(grill closes between 3:30 - 5, ice cream + drinks available)

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Nick & Birdie Joseph

The Bistro Box

937 S. Main Street, Rt. 7 Great Barrington, MA 

Phone. (413) 717-5958

Email.  thebistrobox@hotmail.com      

Website.  www.thebistrobox.rocks

Facebook.  www.facebook.com/thebistrobox10


- We accept Cash, Credit Cards & Berkshares -



 Although we appreciate call in business, we feel it is important to take care of the customers in line first.  We do our best to answer call in's, but during height business hours you reach our machine, It means we are very busy! Please try back again later or come on down to The Box to place your order.  Thanks for your understanding & we look forward to seeing you!



'Not Your Average Shack Food'